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Luxie Signature Rose Gold Set

This is a beneficial Set of three brush sets that will make your makeup artistry stand out, the luxury rose gold design is top-rated for pesky skin that's digging for a little more love. The sets also include a brush for applied makeup, a brush for hair, and a brush for nails, they all have a different size, shape, and design that will add a touch of luxury to your appearance.

Top 10 Luxie Signature Rose Gold Set

This is a Luxie Signature rose gold 12 piece brush set, it contains 12 soft and luxurious rose gold bristles. Each brush is beautiful and of the highest quality, it is exquisite for any type of application, from deep down, out to in, or around the eye. The Set also includes a very small but important purpose: to remind you to take care of your skin, this Luxie Signature rose gold Set is a top alternative to capture your personality and how you feel when you're working with gold. This Set includes a luxury brush, a Set of 13 brushes, and a luxury case, the luxury brush is fabricated of rose gold and is the 13 brushes are nickel-free and made of materials that are for a natural look. This is a luxury brush Set that will add to your look and feel with its luxury rose gold design, it includes an 12 piece bowl, a coupon book, and a rose gold plaque. The Set also includes a beading bowl and a gold clip, the Luxie Signature rose gold Set is an enticing Set of tools for any beauty enthusiast. The Set includes an 13-piece brush Set that is best-in-the-class for starting off to successful in the beauty industry, the brush kit includes a variety of brush sizes and materials that will give you the ability to achieve different levels of control and success in your career.