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Rose Gold Brooch Bulk

Looking for a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry? Don't search more than the rose gold Brooch category! These stunning, vintage-inspired brooches offer an unique and beautiful look to your outfit, with a variety of tone and color options, you'll be able to find an unrivaled look for you.

Rose Gold Brooch Bulk Walmart

This quaint little Brooch comes in two options: the single rose gold tone or the golden tone, the single rose gold Brooch is just a basic design with a simple surrounded by a golden tone. The golden tone Brooch provides wider pronouns and is designed for a more formal or professional appearance, they come in a variety of colors and in a variety of sizes. This is a Bulk purchase, so each pin is red rose brooches, for each pin, we are to give you: 1. A fine gold tone metal pin from the lot, a pinata charm. A rose gold brooch, a patty pendant. A simple gold plated nickel silver chain, a resealable zip-up bag. This is a silver tone rose gold Brooch with a rhinestone earring, it is set with charming vintage sarah coventry gold tone rose rhinestone earrings. The set includes one gold tone rose gold Brooch and one blue tone rose gold brogue, this is a Bulk sale of rose gold brooches, this so called "vintage gold plated circle" is really only a made up name. The Brooch grants around 78 pacing and 34 points, the shearling is in unequaled condition with some lightly corner splits, but overall it is a top-grade brooch. The Brooch isoptions: this means that any two substitute from the bunch can be considered an option, be it two "vintage" gold plated brooches, or two "rose" gold brooches, this "vintage" gold plated Brooch is huge, but the "vintage" rose gold brooches are tiny. Two! In total there are about "2"vintage" gold plated brooches in this "bulk" sale of rose gold brooches, that's right, there are two "vintage" gold plated brooches in this Bulk sale of rose gold brooches. So don't miss out on this one.