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Rose Gold Opal Belly Ring

This 14 k rose gold Opal Belly Ring is a valuable substitute for suitors with a heart of gold, the Ring is based on a center diamond, and features a rose gold Opal center cz flower double gem. This beautiful Ring is outstanding for nipples, hips, or any other repeat rings.

Rose Gold Opal Belly Ring Walmart

This is a beautiful rose gold Opal Belly Ring with an 14 g gold plated prong set on a long spine, the Ring is in like manner containing 6 mm white Opal in the navel, which is superb for an 14 g gold bellybutton ring. The Ring is complete and unrivaled for folks who ache for a sensational hemline, the rose gold Opal Belly Ring is a practical addition to your look. This Ring is manufactured with 14 gold prongs and is produced of titanium steel, the bell-shaped button quickly and easily opens and closes the Opal Belly ring. The Ring is likewise available in blue opal, this is an 14 g solitaire Opal Belly ring. This steel barbell piercing is used to pierce the outside of the Belly button, the Opal Belly Ring is a beautiful, 14 g solitaire Opal Belly button navel Ring surgical steel barbell stud, it is a structured bitumen anodize, and the Opal is a deep, rich, deep blue. The barbell is 18 inches long, and is fabricated of surgical steel, this piercing is produced to be comfortable, and the cover is of rose gold. This beautiful rose gold glitter Opal Belly Ring is fantastic for people who are scouring for a piece of body art or a new look, the dainty stars and stars across the heart space are making this is a popular substitute for body art and personal decor. The dainty Opal particles and the clear material make for a beautiful and bright dangle star ring.