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Vintage Rose Gold Earrings

Do you grove on our amazing Vintage art deco wedding earrings? Well, this is your chance to get the most out of your purchase, with an 14 k rose gold finish, these Earrings are will withstand years of use and use. The 1, 32 ct diamonds are beautiful and they are sure to give your fiance or wife a loveable day-out.

Best Vintage Rose Gold Earrings

Get ready to instagram for life! These Vintage rose gold Earrings are valuable addition to your engagement set-up, at 14 gold content, these Earrings are set with a mix of emerald and other precious metals. These! Earrings are peerless addition to your stunning and will add a touch of elegance to each setting, these! Are! Old-fashioned! Vintage rose gold earrings! They have a little cut diamond 50 ct) in an 14 k rose gold finish and a small leaf earring. They are! A natural color that is furthermore very rare! These Vintage allure Earrings are excellent example of the old-school look of these stud earrings, the gold is high-quality and the allure is evident in the design. The Earrings are small and fit well on your ears, and the color is outstanding for a sunset or special occasion, these Earrings are Vintage style and are made of gold plated silver. The Earrings have rhinestones in the ground and a rose on the front, there are some angel and flower designs on the sides. The Earrings are about 1, 5 wheel rondels in gold plated silver.