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Vintage Rose Gold Lockets

Introducing a top-grade piece of jewelry from the victorian era! These antique gold fillings in a square paste make an unrivaled addition to all outfit, and are sterling for a watch fob or a key ring, the rose-gold. Org watch fob gives a rose gold metal content which makes it a good surrogate for a valuable watch, while the locket is terrific for a personal accessory.

Cheap Vintage Rose Gold Lockets

This beautiful rose gold filled set comes with a beautiful rose flower locket pendant, it is a sterling addition to each outfit and will make a top-notch addition to all individual's collection. This is a beautiful set and a peerless addition to collection, this beautiful pendant locket is manufactured of Vintage rose gold and features a beautiful lady paste design. It is moreover in best-in-class condition with no broken bones or resign, the coin-guided tour of the pendant locket will show you how to care for and enjoy this beautiful piece of jewelry. These delicious Vintage rose gold Lockets are top-rated for any with pembroke and variants, the large oval locket is older than 9 k gold and features a beautiful rose gold plated (or brand watch with an older, severity inscription. There is additionally an older, severity inscription on the front of the locket, the back of the locket grants an older, these Lockets are brand new, and offer 30% discount! These Lockets are must-have for any serial killer out there! This beautiful 10 k rose gold Lockets are practical for with a Vintage estate. They are made of metal and have a beautiful design with a rose gold hue, these locket necklaces can be used for daily wear or for a special occasion.